What is the Warranty on Andersen A-Series Doors?

What is the Warranty on Andersen A-Series Doors?

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a patio door. Andersen is one of the leading manufacturers for exterior doors and the A-Series line is a popular choice for North Texas residents. One often-overlooked element in the purchasing process is the warranty. Today, we’ll look at the details of what is and is not covered in the warranty for A-Series Doors. The A-Series uses the same warranty as windows, but we will focus on what is applicable to their exterior doors.

This information is an overview of the Andersen A-Series patio door warranty plan. It is not intended to be a substitute for reading the warranty agreement. You should read all of the documentation in its entirety and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions regarding the coverage.

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  4. What Does Andersen’s Parts Warranty Cover for A-Series Doors?
  5. What is NOT Included in the Limited Warranty for A-Series Doors?
  6. How Do I File a Claim for Covered Repairs on Andersen A-Series Doors?

Andersen A-Series Doors

Andersen’s A-Series offers two different types of patio doors; a hinged, french-style version and a gliding door. The hinged door is a great compliment to any home and is made of fiberglass and wood. They come in two or three-panel configurations and can be installed to open inward or outward, depending on what best suits your home. Like the French-style hinged doors, the gliding door uses the same materials. These doors let in plenty of light to brighten up a room and are designed for energy efficiency.

What is the Warranty on Andersen A-Series Doors?

Andersen offers a limited warranty for A-Series doors meaning there is a time limit for how long the elements of the unit are covered and that there are certain criteria that must be met to file a claim. A warranty is different from an insurance policy in that it only protects the door if damage or problems occur due to defects from manufacturing, materials, or workmanship. If the glass is shattered as a result of an accident, you would file a claim with your insurance company as opposed to using the manufacturer’s warranty.

A door warranty is very similar to a car warranty. A warranty for an automobile doesn’t cover the entire vehicle with one blanket set of terms. Instead, different components are covered for different conditions and durations.  The same is true in this case. There are several warranty elements we will look at below. Andersen calls its warranty protection an Owner2Owner plan. That means if you sell your home before the warranty expires, the duration of the coverage will transfer to the new owner.

What Does Andersen’s Glass Warranty Cover for A-Series Doors?

  • Glass Coverage: 20 years
  • Organic Seals Coverage: 20 years
  • Patterned Glass Coverage: 20 years

The first part of the plan covers the glass package and seals. Andersen lists all of the glass options this section covers and promises they will be free of defects for 20 years. It also promises that there will not be any material obstruction of vision or stress cracks during the warranty period. Additionally, there will be no material change in appearance or stress cracks in patterned glass. This coverage begins at the time the doors are ordered and paid for.

It is vital to note that there are exclusions to this coverage. Special order glazing, discontinued glass, art glass, and impact-resistant glass are excluded. You should carefully read this section of the warranty for a complete list. You should ask your dealer if there is a separate warranty for any options you are considering that are excluded from this agreement.

What Does Andersen’s Parts Warranty Cover for A-Series Doors?

  • Parts Coverage: 10 years
  • Corrosion-resistant Hardware Coverage: 10 years
  • Exterior Coatings: Special
  • Exterior Color Finish: 20 years

Any non-glass parts are referred to as “components other than glass” in Andersen’s warranty contract. These items include things such as locks, non-electric openers, insect screens, and other hardware. Most of the parts, except where noted, are covered for a period of ten years. This coverage begins at the time of purchase, not installation. Exclusions include electric window operators, retractable insect screens, bright brass, and satin nickel door hardware.

There is a separate warranty section for corrosion-resistant hardware and outswing patio door hinges. This coverage protects these items for a period of ten years. It also protects against damage caused by atmospheric salts in coastal areas. There are specific exclusions to this coverage and you should read this section carefully if your door has any of those features.

Exterior coatings also have a special section. The exterior coatings on your A-Series patio doors are guaranteed for as long as they are installed in the original structure. The coverage protects against electrolyte chemical reactions in coastal areas. It is important to note that complimentary patio doors, certain trim sets, lock components, and certain other hardware are excluded. You should carefully read this section for the full terms.

Exterior Color finish is covered for 20 years. It covers defects such as blistering and cracking and guarantees the paint to be in good condition for the length of the protection. There are also specific guidelines for color fade. The tolerances are explained and how Andersen measures the degree of fading. The company will only honor the warranty if the fading exceeds the limits listed. There are a number of excluded parts in this section. You should read and make note of what is not covered here.

What is NOT Included in the Limited Warranty for A-Series Doors?

In addition to the exclusions noted in each section, there is a general section of exclusions. In most cases, labor for repairs and refinishing replacement parts is not included unless noted. The list below is not all-inclusive and only highlights some of the exclusions in the contract.

Additional exclusions:

  • Product modifications
  • Improper assembly or installation
  • Improper installation of hardware or trim
  • Adjustments or corrections due to improper installation
  • Installing a storm door over or with a patio door
  • Improper maintenance
  • Normal wear and tear

How Do I File a Claim for Covered Repairs on Andersen A-Series Doors?

The first step to filing a claim is to reach out to the dealer where you purchased your doors. Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer. Information on how to contact Andersen and how to obtain the necessary forms is found in the warranty agreement. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • The product model
  • A description such as exterior color and measurements
  • Information etched in the glass
  • Details of the issue
  • Your contact information

If your claim is covered, Andersen offers three remedies unless noted elsewhere. The company will either issue a replacement part, authorize a factory repair, or a refund at its option. You should read the details of the resolution in the relevant section of the contract and note any exclusions.

Dispute resolution

Reputable manufacturers like Andersen have a high rate of satisfaction, but even the best companies sometimes have issues and a customer is left unhappy. If you are dissatisfied with how your claim is handled, you have a right to dispute your warranty claim. To do so, you should go to the web address listed in the contract and download the dispute form. 

Other things to know 

You should register your warranty after the installation. Instructions for how to do so online are provided in your agreement. You should also note that unless you opt-out, by accepting the terms of the warranty, you waive your right to a jury trial or join a class-action lawsuit against Andersen. There is a form available on the site that you should fill out to make sure you do not waive these rights. The agreement has full instructions and submitting the opt-out request will not void or alter your door’s warranty.

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