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Wincore Windows Reviews | Replacement Windows Reviews

Wincore Windows & Doors Overview

Wincore Windows & Doors leadership team has over 200 years of combined window manufacturing experience under its belt. The brand is highly respected for its innovative fabrication methods and cutting-edge technology when it comes to window efficiency and durability of design. 

From standard replacement windows to high-performance models with an array of styles and exceptional performance, Wincore offers an impressive product lineup. Take a closer look at the overviews of each of the Wincore Windows series below. 

Standard Replacement Windows

Wincore has two primary options with standard replacement windows: the 7700 and 5400 Series. Windows from both of these series are available in Double-Hung, Double Slider, Awning, Picture, Geometric, Bay, and Bow styles. However, 5400 series windows are also available in the Single-Hung style. Both 5400 and 7700 Series windows are made with U-channel spacers to reduce heat and cold transference, and both are made with low-E, argon-filled glass units. 

7700 Series

The 7700 Window Series is the flagship product offered by Wincore. These windows can be customized in several ways, including exterior and interior color, glass options, various grid patterns and grid color options, and cam lock colors. Customers can also choose to add internal or external simulated divided lite (SDL) grids to enhance the design. The window frames of the 7700 Series are deeply beveled, which replicates traditional wood windows and works out well in older homes. These windows are exceptionally energy-efficient with low E glass, weather seals to reduce airflow at key points, and Argon gas fill. 

5400 Series

Windows from the 5400 Series share a lot of features with those from the 7700 Series with a few exceptions. These windows have a more contoured frame, which works well for most modern home styles. They are also available in Single-Hung varieties and can be ordered with internal contoured grids for aesthetic value. 5400 Series windows are available with fewer exterior laminate, grid, and cam lock color choices as well. Nevertheless, these windows boast excellent efficiency and work great as a base model for most window replacement endeavors. 

High-Performance Replacement Windows

Wincore High-Performance replacement windows from the 8800 and 8400 Series are a step up from the standard models. These windows are designed with a heavier-duty construction (a 3 ¼-inch frame), thick-walled vinyl profiles, fusion-welded frames, and multi-hollowed, sealed chambers. Both 8400 and 8800 Series windows are available in Double-Hung, Casement, Double Slider, Awning, Picture, and Geometric styles. These windows are also available in six unique exterior laminate colors, as well as several internal grid and cam lock colors. 

8400 Series

Windows from the 8400 Series are made with multiple features that make them more durable and resilient than standard models, such as corrosion-resistant components and an overall thicker frame. The windows have a structurally durable build, but they are also manufactured with low E glass and Argon gas filler for energy efficiency. The glass is coated with a high-performance glazing compound for even more resilience to temperature transfer. 

8800 Series

8800 Series windows offer everything that 8400 Series windows offer with a noteworthy extra to provide an even more high-performance outcome that works well in some homes. These windows are made with Stormforce dual-pane, one-inch impact-resistance laminated glass. Therefore, they work well in homes vulnerable to high winds and storms. 

Builder Grade (Construction) Options

Wincore offers two builder-grade window options for new constructions: 400 and 500 Series windows. Both are available in Single and Double-Hung, Double Slider, Picture, and Geometric styles. Windows from both series are also available in three external color choices and can be outfitted with internal grids in different patterns. Both 400 and 500 Series windows are designed for quick installation and can be used with Quick Trim options. Additionally, the windows have sash-inset glass and can be purchased with low E/Argon fill. 

500 Series

Perfect for brick or stone homes, 500 Series windows are made with added brickmould. This eliminates having to add additional trim to make the window look finished on a brick home. 

400 Series

400 Series windows boast a contoured frame and integrated fin, which offers a traditional finish once installed in a new home. This works well for new construction homes with vinyl, metal, or similar siding options. 

Wincore vs Simonton Windows

Both Wincore and Simonton are respected names when it comes to windows. Wincore was founded by professionals who were previously with Simonton but branched off to create their own window brand. Therefore, the two brands are often comparable in terms of durability, efficiency, and build. Wincore can be more budget-friendly, but Simonton can offer more flexibility with design choices. 

Simonton 5500 Series vs Wincore 7700 Series

These are comparable standard replacement window models from the two different brands. Both have the classic bevel-frame design, high energy efficiency, and even similar color options. Simonton's 5500 Series does offer a few extra customization options, however, such as the option to do triple glass panes and laminated, impact-resistant glass. 

What Are Sears Wincore Windows?

Sears offers white-labeled Wincore windows, which are much the same as the windows purchased directly from Wincore. However, these windows are mass-produced for the retailer and may not offer the same customization options. 

Final Thoughts

Wincore Windows & Doors is a trusted name in residential windows for a good reason. The brand offers a range of standard, high-performance, and construction windows to meet a spectrum of needs and budgets. Customization options are also available with each series. If you would like to know more about Wincore windows, be sure to talk to one of our friendly representatives at Brennan. 

December 21, 2023


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