Andersen 200 Series Narroline Gliding Patio Doors

Andersen 200 Series Narroline Gliding Patio Doors

  • Six exterior colors on most patio doors
  • Durable Perma-Shield clad exteriors never need painting
  • A range of the most popular sizes and styles
  • Weather-resistant construction for greater comfort and energy efficiency
  • A variety of Low-E tempered glass options are available to control heating and cooling costs in any climate
  • ENERGY STAR certified in all 50 states
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Exterior trim available in 11 colors
  • Extensive hardware selection
  • Add style with grilles, exterior trim or patterned glass

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  • Colors
  • Hardware
  • Grilles
  • Glass
  • Insect Screens

Interior Colors

  • Pine

Exterior Colors

  • Black
  • Canvas
  • Dark Bronze
  • Sandtone
  • Terratone
  • White

Hardware Colors

  • Antique Brass
  • Black
  • Bright Brass
  • Brushed Chrome
  • Distressed Bronze
  • Distressed Nickel
  • Gold Dust
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Polished Chrome
  • Satin Nickel
  • Stone
  • White

Hardware Styles

  • Anvers®

    Bright Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel

  • Albany

    Black, Gold Dust, Stone, White

  • Covington

    Antique Brass, Bright Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • Encino®

    Distressed Bronze, Distressed Nickel

  • Newbury®

    Antique Brass, Bright Brass, Brushed Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel

  • Tribeca®

    Stone, White

  • Whitmore®

    Antique Brass, Bright Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel

  • Yuma®

    Distressed Bronze, Distressed Nickel


Grilles Styles

  • Finelight Grilles Between-the-Glass

    Finelight grilles are suspended between the panes of glass, allowing you to easily clean both the inside and outside of your windows and doors.

  • Removable Interior Grille

    Removable interior wood grilles are secured via a fastener or grille clip and can be removed enabling you to easily clean the glass surface.

  • Simulated Divided Light

    Simulated divided light offers permanent grilles on the exterior and a choice of permanent or removable wood interior grilles, with no spacer between the glass. 

Grille Patterns

  • Colonial
  • Modified Colonial
  • Modified Colonial - Simulated Check Rail
  • Prairie
  • Short Fractional
  • Short Fractional - Simulated Check Rail
  • Tall Fractional
  • Tall Fractional - Simulated Check Rail

Glass Options

  • Low-E / Low-E4® Glass

    Most people can enjoy optimal energy performance and comfort with Low-E / Low-E4® glass. Low-E glass reflects heat in the summer and helps keep heat inside in the winter, making this a good choice in climates where both heating and cooling costs are a concern.

  • SmartSun™ Glass

    SmartSun™  glass gives you the benefits of Low-E glass, plus it helps shield your home from the sun's heat and filters out 95% of harmful UV rays while letting sunlight shine through.

  • Dual-Pane Glass

    Clear dual-pane glass, which offers basic thermal performance, is also available on all Andersen products in situations where codes allow its use. See local code official for requirements in your area.

  • HeatLock® Glass

    HeatLock® coating can be added to most of our glass options and reflects heat that likes to escape your home.

Decorative and Specialty Glass

  • Item 1
Insect Screens

Insect Screen

  • Gliding Insect Screen

    The insect screen is available for both two-panel doors and four-panel doors. Gliding insect screens have Delrin® injection-molded bottom rollers with self-contained leveling adjusters, providing smooth operation. Interior and exterior pulls and latch are provided.

  • Retractable Insect Screen

    The retractable insect screen is installed on the exterior of the door and opens side-to-side across the width of the opening. When the insect screen is not in use, it neatly retracts into a small canister mounted on the exterior of the door. The retractable insect screen canister is available for two-panel patio doors. Please note, retractable insect screen track reduces clear opening height by 1".


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