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Tilcor CF Shingle Steel Roofing

A steel roofing system, Tilcor’s CF Shingles are designed with their Concealed Fastening technique. CF roofing systems are designed to cover the essential hardware that keep tiles fixed to your roof, protecting them against rain, hail, direct sunlight, and high winds. Shingle roofs have been used across North America for decades. Now you can enjoy this classic style with Tilcor’s Zincalume ® steel and elite construction. The CF Shingle steel roofing system is available in five greyscale shades.

Tilcor's steel roofing systems feature:

  • Pressed metal tile with Zincalume® technology.
  • Interlocking and overlapping design to resist the elements.
  • Maximal UL fire and impact ratings. Lightweight engineering.

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  • Colors
  • Performance

Color Options

  • Arctic Grey
  • Barkwood
  • Charcoal Blend
  • Estate Grey
  • Oakwood


  • Hail Resistance

    Tilcor Steel Roof Tiles achieve the highest UL 2218 rating for hail impact resistance in the United States. 

  • High Wind Resistance

    Tilcor Steel Roof Tiles are engineered to withstand high wind uplift forces and perform well in the “Very High Wind Zones” (VHWZ) of coastal New Zealand. North Texas thunderstorms are no match. 

  • Lightweight

    Tilcor Steel Roof Tiles are a lightweight interlocking roof system, with uncompromising strength.

  • Fire Safe

    Tilcor Steel Roof Tiles are classified as a “Class A” Fire Rated, non-combustible roofing material in the United States.

  • Earthquake

    Tilcor Steel Roof Tiles are an interlocking roof system. The tiles are individually fixed and are less likely to fall through the ceiling during an earthquake.

  • Marine Environments

    Tilcor roof tiles are suitable for all marine environments and are backed by our warranty.

  • Sun Protection

    Tilcor Roof Tiles incorporate “state of the art” acrylic coating technology and have been tested in one of the most severe UV climates in the world – New Zealand.

  • Sustainability

    Engineered from high-grade Zincalume coated steel, a Tilcor roof is one of the most recyclable and sustainable building products in the world.

Product Specs

Brand Tilcor
Line CF Shingle
Material Stone-coated Zincalume® (steel with zinc and aluminum coating)
Style Shingle
Minimum Roof Pitch 3/12
Overall Length 52 5/8"
Length of Cover 49 5/8"
Width of Cover 14 9/16"
Tiles / Square 20 / Square
Weight / Tile 7.05 lbs
Weight / Square 141 lbs / Square
UL Fire Rating A
UL Impact Rating 4
Warranty Lifetime/50 Year Transferable Limited
Wind Certification 120 mph