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Haven® Insulated Siding

Haven® Siding comes in horizontal and Board & Batten styles that vary by width and pattern. They all capture the look of natural wood in their own way, while insulating your home from moisture and noise, and defying the effects of time, wear and tear.

  • Bold, contemporary styles and increased energy efficiency
  • EPS foam technology reduces thermal conductivity
  • TXL Lamination Technology provides 200% stronger bond
  • 240% more impact resistant than fiber cement
  • Reduces noise by up to 45%

Protected by Royal Building Products' industry-leading Double Lifetime Warranty (includes color and hail protection).

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Features and Benefits of Haven Insulated Siding

  • Reduces "thermal bridging" with EPS foam technology.

    There's a phenomenon called "thermal bridging," in which heat and energy escape through the studs of your home's walls. Haven Insulated Siding is engineered to dramatically reduce it. Haven is manufactured with EPS foam to help it insulate better than fiber cement, wood, engineered wood, or brick. 

    A sustainable choice.

    Not only is Haven siding available in a wide selection of colors and profiles, but it's also remarkably green. Lightweight, yet durable, it never requires painting or staining. For Haven, sustainability practices are carried out from production to manufacturing and transportation. 

    • Manufactured from recyclable materials
    • 1/2 the environmental impact of fiber cement




Color Options

  • Redwood
  • Natural Cedar
  • Shamrock
  • Midnight Surf
  • Granite
  • Cypress
  • Pebble Clay
  • Storm
  • Vintage Cream
  • Sand
  • Brownstone
  • White
  • Heather
  • Wicker
  • Harvard Slate
  • Linen
  • Sterling

Panel Profiles

  • Haven® D6
  • Haven® D7
  • Haven® Board & Batten

Profile Specifications

  • Haven D6 Traditional Horizontal Siding

    PROFILE: 6" (152 mm) clapboard

    PROJECTION: 1-1/8" (28.5 mm)

    HEIGHT: 12" (305 mm)

    LENGTH: 12'6" (3.81 m), 16'6" (5.03 m)


    SOUND PERFORMANCE: STC of 16 and an OITC of 12

    WIND RESISTANCE: Design pressure of minus 65 psf with standard installation

    FINISH: Woodgrain

  • Haven D7 Horizontal Siding

    PROFILE: 7" (179 mm) clapboard

    PROJECTION: 1-1/8" (28.5 mm)

    HEIGHT: 7" (179 mm)

    LENGTH: 12'2" (3.71 m)


    SOUND PERFORMANCE: STC of 16 and an OITC of 12

    WIND RESISTANCE: Design pressure of minus 44 psf with standard installation

    FINISH: Woodgrain

  • Haven Board and Batten Vertical Siding

    PROFILE: 10" (254 mm) board and batten

    PROJECTION: 1-1/8" (28.5 mm)

    WIDTH: 7" (179 mm)

    LENGTH: 10'0" (3.05 m)


    SOUND PERFORMANCE: STC of 16 and an OITC of 12

    WIND RESISTANCE: Design pressure of minus 42 psf with standard installation

    FINISH: Woodgrain

Product Specs

Brand Royal Building Products
Series Haven®
Style Lap, Vertical
Profiles Clapboard, Board and Batten
Projection 1-1/8",
Length 10'0", 12'2", 12'6", 16'6"
Material Insulated Vinyl
Texture Wood grain
Colors 17 color options
Warranty Double Lifetime Limited Warranty