Andersen 100 Series - Fibrex Single Hung Windows

Andersen 100 Series Single Hung Windows

Andersen’s Fibrex® Single-Hung windows are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a durable, modern, and budget-friendly option.

These windows have an upper fixed sash and a lower operable sash that allow for ventilation. Andersen Fibrex® windows are made from a sustainable composite material. 

  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Beautiful matte finish interiors 
  • Standard Sizes: Available up to 4' wide and 7'6" high
  • Custom Sizes: Available in 1/8" increments
  • Owner-2-Owner Limited Warranty

Windows Made in the USA

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  • Colors
  • Hardware
  • Grilles
  • Glass
  • Screens
  • Sash Options
  • Shapes

Interior Color

  • White
  • Sandtone
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black

Exterior Color

  • White
  • Sandtone
  • Terratone
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black
  • *Black and Dark Bronze interiors are available only with Black and Dark Bronze exteriors respectively.


Hardware Colors

  • White
  • Sandtone
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black
  • Antique Brass
  • Satin Nickel

Hardware Styles

  • Standard Lock & Keeper

    Automatically locks when windows are closed. Color matches the window's interior.

    Available in White, Sandtone, Black, Dark Bronze.

  • Metal Slim Line Lock

    Optional upgrade.

    Available in White, Sandtone, Dark Bronze, Black, Satin Nickel, and Antique Brass.

  • Sash Lift

    Optional sash lift matches the window's interior.

    Available in White, Sandtone, Black, Dark Bronze.


Grille Types

  • Corner cut of window with grids between the glass.

    Finelight Grilles Between-the-Glass

    Grilles sit between the panes of glass for easy cleaning. 

  • Corner cut of window with grids.

    Finelight Between-the-Glass With Exterior Grilles

    Permanent grilles on the exterior provide architectural style and detail to the window while grilles between-the-glass allow easy interior side cleaning. 

  • Corner cut of window with full divided light.

    Full Divided Light

    Grilles applied to the interior and exterior of the window with aluminum spacers between the glass create an authentic look.

  • Corner cut of window with simulated divided lights.

    Simulated Divided Light

    Style your window with permanent exterior grilles and choose between permanent or removable interior grilles. 

Grille Patterns

  • Prairie
  • Prairie (Top Sash Only)
  • Colonial
  • Colonial (Top Sash Only)
  • Short Fractional
  • Specified Equal Light


  • SmartSun™ Glass

    SmartSun™ glass gives you the benefits of Low-E glass, plus it helps shield your home from the sun's heat by filtering out harmful UV rays.

    Ideal for: All Climates

    SmartSun™ with HeatLock Coating is also available on 100 Series windows. This prevents more heat from escaping your home but slightly reduces the visible light transmitted through the glass. 

  • Low-E Glass

    Low-E Glass reflects heat in the summer and helps to retain interior heat in the winter. 

    Ideal for: All Climates

    Low-E with HeatLock Coating is also available on 100 Series windows. This improves the U-Factor performance of the window but slightly reduces how much light comes through the glass. 

  • Sun Glass

    Sun glass has excellent thermal performance. This glass has a subtle tint that blocks out more heat from the sun.

    Ideal for: Southern Climates

  • Clear Dual-Pane Glass

    Clear dual-pane glass, which offers basic thermal performance, is in situations where codes allow its use. In North Texas, clear-dual pane glass does not meet energy code.

    See local code official for requirements in your area.


  • HeatLock® Technology

    HeatLock® coating reflects heat that likes to escape your home through window glass. It can be added to most of Andersen's glass options.

Decorative and Specialty Glass

  • Safety Glass
    Tempered safety glass is available on all products, and comes standard on all patio doors.

    Sound-Reducing Glass
    This glass helps reduce the volume of outside noise.  Available with Low-E, SmartSun and HeatLock coatings.

    Patterned Glass
    Let in light while obscuring vision and adding a unique decorative touch to your home. 


Screen Options

  • Illustrations of insect screens on casement and hung windows.

    Insect Screens

    For casement and awning windows, frames are available in White or Sandtone. For single-hung and gliding windows, stainless steel springs hold the insect screen tightly to the window frame and their frames are available in colors to match the product exteriors. Insect screens have gray fiberglass screen mesh.

  • Image of casement windows with insect screens.


    Optional TruScene® insect screens are made with a micro-fine stainless steel mesh, providing 50% more clarity than our conventional insect screens for a beautiful unobstructed view. They allow more fresh air and sunlight in, while doing a better job of keeping out small insects.

Sash Options
  • Equal Sash

  • Reverse Cottage

  • Rectangle

  • Arch

Overview of Andersen 100 Series Single Hung Windows

Watch this video for a quick overview of Andersen's 100 Series single hung windows directly from one of our Andersen product experts.

Product Specs

Brand Andersen
Series 100-Series
Interior Color White, Sandtone, Dark Bronze, Black
Exterior Color White, Sandtone, Terratone, Dark Bronze, Black
Composition Fibrex
Finish Matte
Uniform Sight Lines Yes
Extension Jamb Easily applicable extension jambs. Flanges consist of 8" lengths of PVC applied to the outside edges of frames with VHB tape
Translucent Film Yes
Construction Type Build, Remodel, Replace
Custom Size Yes, Available in custom sizes to fit most projects, including replacement.
Sizing Measured in 1/8" increments
Minimum Width 17 1/2"
Maximum Width 47 1/2"
Minimum Height 23 1/2"
Maximum Height 77 1/2"
Stucco Key Yes. The stucco key eliminates gaps that can result from the natural contraction of exterior stucco.
Frame Depth 3 1/4"
Flange Setback 1", 1 3/8"
Energy Star Certification Yes
NFRC Ratings Yes
Rot Resistant Yes
Glass Failure Warranty 20 Years
Glass Breakage Warranty No
Non-Glass Warranty 10
Labor Warranty No
WDMA Hallmark Certification Yes
AAMA Certification Yes