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A Guide to Finding Your Window Warranty Label

Is there something wrong with your windows?

Windows are a big purchase; if the needed repair isn't an emergency, determine if a manufacturer's warranty covers your window. This information can be challenging to find if you weren't the person who purchased the windows or if your builder did not provide this information to you.

The easiest place to start is to search your window for warranty labels. Some windows have multiple labels on them, so in this post, we'll show you a few examples of what these labels will look like, where they are located, and which one particular label ISN'T a warranty label. 

Where to find the warranty label on your window

Typically, all the windows in a home will be made by the same manufacturer, which should make things reasonably simple unless someone has removed the warranty labels.

*Pro-Tip* If you or someone you know is in the process of buying windows, remind them not to remove the labels that are tucked away out of view. Also, make sure to leave on any labels that might be needed until after any needed permitting inspections are complete.

The most common style window in U.S. homes are hung windows. We recommend you start your label search with one of these. You can also take a look at any other window styles in your home if you want to confirm the information shows the same manufacturer and dealer. Unless your dealer was also the installer, the name of the installation company will not be on the label. In some cases, the manufacturer will want you to navigate the warranty process through the dealer—just a few things to keep in mind.

Now, there is no one single place where these labels will be placed so in the next section, we'll show you examples of where these labels are located according to instructions provided by some popular window brands.

Alside Windows Warranty Labels

Alside has pretty straightforward warranty label placement. According to the illustration below, found in their resources, the warranty labels are typically placed near the top right corner of the window. The label should not be front-facing, it should be on the head jamb.

Andersen Window Warranty Label Placement

Andersen is one of the brands with labels in different places depending on the window model. So be sure to check the image for the right window type to determine where to find the label.

Note: The label should be readable from the interior when the window is open.

Great Lakes Warranty Label Placement

Great Lakes directs customers to look for the warranty label at the top right corner of the window frame, under the lip of the header rail. 

NT Windows Warranty Label Placement

NT Windows is another brand that is relatively straightforward in their warranty label placement, as they can be found on the sash as shown below:

ProVia's Warranty Label Placement

ProVia's warranty placement is a bit more tricky, as they also vary depending on the window type. Depending on which window type you have, be sure to check the top sashes, frames, and upper frames as well.

SolarBear Warranty Label Placement

When it comes to SolarBear windows, the placement is similar to NT's. You can typically find the warranty label within the inner sashes. The label should look like this one:

If you still don’t see the label you can also try..

Consulting the Manual 

Some manufacturers will include additional details of the warranty or other things you can do if for some reason your warranty label is missing or you can't find it. Referring to the manual will also be helpful in the event you need to call the manufacturer to get assistance with your warranty.

Checking with the Manufacturer

Although it can be a bit difficult for manufacturers to track your window and handle certain logistics on honoring warranties, depending on the company there may be other ways to help you. However, this is not guaranteed. That's why it's important to not remove your warranty stickers and keep a record of all of your order information so you can take advantage of the lifetime warranty many windows come with.

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