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All About Arch Windows

Did you know that specialty-shaped windows can increase the curb appeal of your home?

Half-circle windows (also known as arch windows) are one way to improve the external appeal of your house.

One of the most popular configurations for half-circle windows is to place them at the top of your standard window. The right window configuration can magically transform your house from basic to classy with a single stroke. But first, you need to choose the right design of windows to combine with your half-circle windows.

Design choices you can make using arch windows

Not every window design can align well with a half-circle window. Some of the design options that can improve the curb appeal of your home include:

1. Picture windows

Picture windows give a clear impression of the outside of your home. Adding the half circle makes your house stand out more.

2. Casement windows

For casement windows, the windows are attached to the frame of your window opening and have an opening and closing mechanism. Casement windows come with sashes and hinges and are good protection for your house during harsh weather conditions.

3. Single and double-hung windows

These two windows have operable sashes. A single-hung window has a fixed top part of the window and a movable lower half. Conversely, double-hung windows come with two movable sashes that move up and down to allow for ventilation.

The options of window types onto which to add your half-circle windows are endless. Once your windows are fit, what follows is having a way to cover your half-circle window.

How to cover half-circle windows?

The main part of your windows can be covered with your preferred curtain designs. Note that you also need a half-circle window shade to go along with your window curtain to give it a matching outlook.

You can start by doing some research online on arched window projects to get some half-circle window ideas for your home. It's also important to not forget to measure the width and height of your arch to ensure you purchase the right size blinds.

Blinds and shades for arched windows are available on multiple retail sites, including Amazon, Wayfair, and more.

Our projects featuring arch windows

We have done some half-circle window projects ourselves that you could look at. Our team is made up of top window professionals that can give your home the curb appeal you desire. See some of the arch window projects we have done.

Considerations when choosing specialty shape windows

Half-circle window designs are one among the many specialty shape windows you may use to make your home outstanding. Some considerations as you look for specialty shape windows to make your home interesting are as follows:

1. Ease of cleaning: Specialty shape windows can be quite a challenge to clean considering the extended height they produce. Seek professional advice on the ease to clean occasionally.

2. Cost of installation: The more complicated the specialty shape, the more it will cost. Work within a budget and get your best shape for the best price.

3. Ease of replacement: Find out from a specialty shape windows professional like Brennan Enterprises about the ease to replace the different specialty shape windows that you want to choose from.

Brennan Enterprises offers arch windows, available for you to customize different window configurations. Explore the possibilities of our half-circle picture windows by scheduling a free consultation to learn how we can help you achieve your home remodeling goals.

April 20, 2023
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