Choosing Interior and Exterior Window Frame Colors

Choosing Interior and Exterior Window Frame Colors

You're getting new windows! That's a very exciting project to take on. Replacement windows can easily transform the look and feel of your home both on the interior and exterior. 

Windows protect your home, let in light, and can give you additional ventilation. These are very practical benefits of new windows but if you're into interior design the whole process should be fun especially choosing the paint or stain finishes for your windows.

If you're leaning toward paint finishes you'll want to keep a few things in mind as you choose your colors:

Do You Want A Traditional Or Modern Style?

Windows are available in wide spectrum of colors and some manufacturers also offer custom colors. As you choose what colors you like, think about the style of your home's architecture and your personal style. Choose a palette that will work for you, your home, and your neighborhood. Working within a color palette is a good way of limiting your options and helps you choose colors that will work well together. 

Traditional styles lean toward warm colors like reds, yellows, oranges, and browns. Modern styles lean toward cooler tones like greens, blues, purples, and grays. 

Black window frames, which are very popular right now, and white window frames work well with most design styles. 

Comparison of traditional windows vs modern windows. Traditional windows tend to be in more neutral and warm colors while modern styles are bolder and cooler. Traditional window frames typically also have a casing or trim surround while modern windows go without.

Choices That Fit Your Home's Exterior

Different style homes typically have similar features. Traditional homes may have exposed brick, vinyl siding, or wooden trim around the windows. Homes with stucco or stone facades and without trim (brick mold) around the window tend to have a more modern look. The color of the exterior siding material also impacts the feel of the home. 

In the image below you can see a side-by-side comparison of a more traditional style home and a more modern home. The more traditional home on the left has a full brick facade in a light color with tan windows. The home on the right has mixed material facade bringing together a light stucco and light brick with a dark window. The dark window complements the dark roof and door while contrasting nicely with the light color of the home's siding material. 

Remember that the color of your home is typically easier to change than the color of your windows. Neither will be inexpensive projects but you're more likely to paint the siding of your home than to replace your windows for a new color. 

If you're really creative and willing to take on a larger project you can transform your traditional home to look more modern. To see an example of a major transformation check out this project on a Southlake, Texas house featuring Black Milgard Aluminum Replacement Windows

Example of windows on a traditional home versus windows on a more modern home. The traditional home opts for a warm tan color that complements the warm color of the brick while the modern home has dark window frames that match the dark roof and contrast nicely with the light brick and stucco facade.

Don't Be Too Trendy

Keeping up with current trends is fun but it may not be the best idea with windows. Remember, whether you're deciding on a color for the interior or exterior, this color will likely be there for years. If you've got wood windows, you'll need to be able to replicate the color so that you can provide regular maintenance. 

I don't want to discourage you from choosing bold colors but do choose them wisely. Bold colors can be a great way to draw attention to your home so make sure to use them strategically. If bright or bold is your style remember to pair these colors with some neutrals on the surrounding colors or consider choosing a color for the siding and going with something more subtle on your windows. 

You can also play with color on your doors, in your planters, and with other accessories around the interior and exterior of your home.

If You Go With Colors, Own It

Check out these Andersen Windows and Doors photos for some inspiration. These windows are from their E-Series collection. 

In the top photo, you can see how the designer experimented with cool and warm tones. They play up the cool tones with furniture, accent paint on the staircase, a blue plate on the table, and with a cool shade around the dark window frame.

Example of windows with a cool paint color instead of your traditional neutrals. You can really make your home your own by going bold with your design choices, just remember that some design choices are harder (and more expensive) to change than others.

This next photo is full of cool and bold colors from the furniture and decor to the window frame and casing. 

Photo of Andersen E-Series windows in a Dove Gray color. The interior of this living room has medallion print wallpaper, a bright red-orange chair with matching ottomans, a gray couch with blue and red-orange throw pillows. Brennan Enterprises is a premier Andersen Windows and Doors dealer located in North Texas.

Just because you choose colorful window frames doesn't mean it has to be bold. The windows below are in the same shade of Dove Gray as the windows in the photo above. 

Photo of Andersen E-Series windows in Dove Gray finish. The windows blend in nicely in this cool tone living room.

Aluminum and fiberglass windows tend to have the widest range of color options, check out this red on a stucco exterior building. 

Photo of an exterior view of an Andersen E-Series window with a red finish. This shade of red is called Clay Canyon. The color of the window stands out brightly but nicely complements the reds in the tile roof and the light color of the stucco walls.

A Few More Considerations

These last few tips will help you as you make your choices and interact with your window retailer. If you're located in North Texas, we hope that means us! We invite you to learn more about our company, Brennan Enterprises, or explore your window options on our website. 

  • The window manufacturer you choose may have a wide or narrow range of color options for your windows. If you're set on having a certain color talk to your window retailer and ask for a product recommendation that can accommodate your needs. 
  • The material of your window may affect your color options. Vinyl windows do have warm and cool choices your options are usually more limited than with Fiberglass or Aluminum. Don't cross vinyl off your list though, vinyl is a durable and energy-efficient material and the vinyl windows you choose may be available in your preferred color options. 
  • Think about the area where you live– is it dusty or hot? If you're really good about maintenance choose whichever colors you want but if you want your curb appeal to look good and aren't very good about maintenance choose some grays or tans that will be better at hiding dirt buildup. 


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