Fibrex Windows Reviews on Andersen 100 Series

Fibrex Windows Reviews on Andersen 100 Series

We're taking a break from our energy efficiency series of blogs and instead focusing on a previously noted product series: Andersen 100 Fibrex® Window Series. Here at Brennan Enterprises and across the nation, an increased growth in interest for Fibrex windows has been trending, therefore we decided to once provide Brennan customers with a Fibrex window review focused on Andersen 100 series. 

Fibrex Windows - the Andersen 100 Series Review

First thing's first, when you're shopping for a window, what's important to you? Do you need a strong and durable window? What about how sustainable it is to the environment? What kind of value do you really need? All these questions are important, but one thing you should also consider is that Andersen's Fibrex 100 Series Windows has all of these and more.

Beautiful Windows (Value)


Andersen 100 series windows and patio doors (yes, they are also available as patio doors!) have colors that won't fade, flake, blister or peel; they're so resilient they come with a limited warranty. These beautiful colors (cocoa bean, sandstone, terratone, white, and dark bronze) provide you with all the value you need aesthetically as well as making your life easier by being affordable and low-maintenance. Value, though, includes how durable and protective it is, doesn't it?

Window Strength (Durability)

The low maintenance 100 series, as stated before, don't fade, flake, blister, peel, pit or corrode,but this is not just because of its beautiful coloring; Andersen patented Fibrex® material is twice as stable and rigid as vinyl, making the 100 series products built to last (and yes, this is also covered by the limited warranty). Your windows and doors will continue to look as beautiful in 10 years as the day they were installed.

Environmentally Responsible (Sustainability)

leed certified windows

Fibrex® windows by Andersen contain 40% pre-consumer reclaimed wood fiber, and the glass used contains more than 12% reclaimed glass. Additionally, when they're shipped Andersen uses minimal packaging material to limit cardboard waste. Also, all Andersen windows, the 100 series included, are energy efficient. ENERGY STAR® qualified, the 100 series all come with Low-E glass and can be upgraded to SmartSun™ Low-E glass, Andersen's most energy efficient glass which blocks 95% of UV rays that may cause home furnishings to fade without diminishing your view.

Window Styles, Shapes, & Sizes

100 Series windows are available in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate your design needs. All are easy to operate and have full-perimeter weatherstripping to offer a tight, energy efficient seal. Fixed windows are available in many shapes and sizes. They can be used as a stand-alone accent or in combination with other windows or patio door arrangements.

Available window and patio door styles:

From colors to hardware or grilles and patterns, Andersen can provide you with any additional customizations, even including insect screens that provide more than 50% more clarity than conventional insect screens. For more information, contact Brennan today!


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