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Sears Windows Review: Are They Still Good?

When you think of Sears, windows are probably not the first thing that springs to mind. However, as they used to say "Sears has everything," and yes, windows are still one of the items this long-standing chain sells. In fact, Sears itself went bankrupt a few years ago, and the windows they sell are actually sold by a separate company called Sears Home Services.

Just because a company has been around 120 years selling everything doesn't mean they're automatically great at everything though. So let's take a closer look at Sears windows, and whether they're a good choice for your home. 

Sears Home Window Replacement Service

One of the reasons many people consider Sears windows is that they not only sell windows, but they also offer their own installation service. This comes with a few notable perks, including payment plans and financing options, a product warranty, and an installation warranty. 

Like most construction-related products and services, the Sears window replacement service warranties are limited, and there are exclusions, but those mainly relate to accidental and malicious damage, warranty transfer, and other issues. Be sure to read your warranty carefully though (as you always should) to make sure you don't accidentally void it by doing or not doing something during or after installation! 

Their installation crews are also properly insured and covered by workmen's compensation, which is one less thing you need to worry about. 

Who Manufactures Sears Windows?

Some people might tell you that Sears makes their own windows, but that's not true. Instead, their windows are made by a manufacturer called Wincore Windows, and Sears simply acts as an agent for that company. 

An Overview of Wincore Windows

Wincore Windows is a relatively new window manufacturer based in West Virginia. They've been in business since 2007, and they offer limited product lines in new and replacement windows. 

Are Sears Windows Worth It?

According to most reports, Sears Windows are not bad in terms of appearance and performance, and the warranty offered on their products and installation is adequate. It's not the best warranty out there, but it will suffice for most homeowners looking for affordable options. 

In terms of affordability, again, the Wincore/Sears window range is not bad. But it's important to keep in mind that because Sears is effectively acting as a middleman, they're not the most competitive window prices out there. Extra markups, freight, handling and other costs tend to add up.

Wincore is also a very new window company, relatively speaking. Other window manufacturers in the United States have been around for many decades longer, and therefore have a better and longer track record of producing windows that last. However, Sears' has their own longstanding reputation, which extends all the way back to the end of the 19th century. So, you've essentially got a very new company backed by a very old one! 

Should You Consider Sears Windows?

When it comes to any kind of construction or renovation project, the best advice is always to get several quotes from several different companies, and this type of project is no different. 

Sears has a very dependable name (if you ignore the bankruptcy), and if they're willing to put their name on Wincore's products, then they are worth considering for your project. 

Just make sure that you're always comparing apples with apples. Look at all the specifications and product data in detail, ask lots of questions, and compare warranties and other after-sales service options side by side to make sure you're getting the best deal all around.

December 27, 2023
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