Andersen A Series vs E Series - Replacement Window Review

Andersen A Series vs E Series - Replacement Window Review

Andersen's luxury line of windows is made of top-quality materials with several options for customizability. Andersen's luxury line contains two window series, the A-Series and the E-Series, both of which offer tons of options. Not all windows are the same though, not even when we're talking luxury vs. luxury.

Although these series are from the same line they are actually very different. We'll highlight some of the differences between these two series in this article so you can make a well-informed decision for your window replacement project.

Andersen A-Series Windows 

Andersen E-Series Windows



  • Wood window interior with fiberglass and Fibrex composite exterior
    Andersen A-Series Window Corner Cut


  • Wood window interior with an extruded aluminum exterior
    Andersen E-Series wood window with extruded aluminum corner cut

Although wood is a high-end material and an excellent insulator it is also a material that is susceptible to the elements. Some issues that individuals run into with wood windows are wood rot and warping. Cladding is a covering or coating used to protect material or a structure. The windows in these series are both clad. 

The A-Series windows are clad with fiberglass and Fibrex composite. Fiberglass is a plastic material reinforced with glass fibers. Fibrex is an Andersen made composite material made of a combination of vinyl and wood shavings. Fiberglass is a stronger material but Fibrex material is more flexible which makes it easier to create more complex shapes with a fiberglass and Fibrex composite.

E-Series windows are clad with extruded aluminum, a stronger and more energy-efficient material than roll-form aluminum. According to Hoosier Trim, post-production metal fabricators, extruded aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio, is highly resistant to corrosion, and is an efficient thermal conductor.

According to RCI, Inc., fiberglass is a stronger material than aluminum. If you are leaning toward aluminum know that extruded aluminum is resistant to rot, rust, and corrosion like fiberglass but offers more product variety because it can be formed into large and complex shapes. 


Andersen’s A-Series and E-Series windows can be used for new construction or replacement projects.



Standard sizes for double-hung windows in this series are up to 4’ wide and 8’ high with custom sizes available in 1/8” increments.


Standard sizes for double-hung windows in this series are up to 4’ wide and 7’6” high with custom sizes available in 1/8” increments.

Energy Efficiency


The A-Series is Andersen’s best performing energy efficient window. ENERGY STAR® recognizes the windows in this series as some of the most efficient residential window models available in the U.S. and Canada.


Most E-Series products meet ENERGY STAR criteria. Although aluminum is usually ranked low for efficiency, extruded aluminum has good thermal performance.


The E-Series has more regular style window options than the A-Series. But the A-Series has more specialty shape window options than the E-Series.

  1. Double-hung: A-Series and E-Series
    Andersen Double-hung window
  2. Awning: A-Series and E-Series
    Andersen awning window
  3. Push Out Awning: E-Series
    Awning push out window
  4. Casement: A-Series and E-Series
    Andersen casement window
  5. French Casement: E-Series 
    Andersen E-Series French casement window
  6. Push Out Casement: E-Series
    Andersen push out casement window
  7. Gliding: E-Series
    Andersen gliding window
  8. Specialty: A-Series offers 35 Specialty Shapes and E-Series offers 25 Specialty Shapes
    Andersen specialty shape window
  9. Picture: A-Series and E-Series
    Andersen Picture Window
  10. Bay and Bow: E-Series
    Andersen bow window


Grilles, or grids, are decorative pieces on your glass. Most grilles are designed to give your window a more traditional look. Standard grille patterns create a grid-like look. Some grilles cover the entire height of the window and some are just take up a portion, usually one or two rows on the top part of the window. 

Andersen provides endless options for grille patterns on both the A-Series and E-Series including architectural specific patterns and custom-designed patterns.

There are several options for grille placement and each has a major effect on the final look of the window so you’ll want to be sure about what you want before you order your windows.

Full Divided Light

  • A-Series & E-Series
  • They give your window the most authentic look with grilles on the exterior and interior sides of the window as well as an aluminum spacer between the sheets of glass. The spacer creates the full illusion that there are individual panes of glass instead of one sheet.
    Andersen Full Divided Light Window Grilles

Simulated Divided Light

  • A-Series & E-Series
  • This option is similar to the Full Divided Light with grilles on the exterior and interior sides of the window. The exterior grille is permanent and the interior grilles can be permanent or removable. There is no divider between the glass on this option.
    Andersen Simulated Divided Light Window Grilles

Removable Interior Grille

  • A-Series & E-Series
  • This grille is secured on the interior side of the window so you can remove it when you want to clean your full window.
    Andersen Removable Interior Window Grilles

Finelight Grilles Between-the-Glass

  • A-Series & E-Series
  • This option places the grilles between the panes of glass making it easy to clean the exterior and interior sides of the window glass.
    Andersen Finelight Grilles Between the Glass


Andersen offers the same high-quality glass packages for the A-Series and E-Series. Remember, glass is one of the components that most affect energy efficiency in addition to frame material and installation quality.

Andersen A-Series and E-Series Glass options

Tilt Sash

Easy Tilt-to-Clean options are available on double-hung windows in both the A-Series and E-Series. 

Andersen Tilt Sash window

Exterior Colors


A-Series & E-Series*

*E-Series also offers an additional 40+ color options. You can see the full options on our review article of the E-Series replacement windows.

Interior Wood Species


Pine + Maple + Oak + Cherry + Mahogany + Vertical Grain Douglas Fir


Pine + Maple + Oak + Cherry + Mahogany + Vertical Grain Douglas Fir + Alder + Walnut + Mixed Grain Douglas Fir + Hickory + Custom, Andersen will work with you to find the right wood species for your project. 

Interior Paint Colors


Andersen A-Series interior colors




  • $$$$$


  • $$$$$


All of Andersen’s products are covered by an Owner 2 Owner Limited Warranty.


The lead-time for A-Series and E-Series products is 5-6 weeks.


You can find more details about Andersen's A Series and Andersen's E-Series on our blog. If you'd like to read more about some of Andersen's product lines or comparisons check out some of the related posts below. 


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