The Best Thing About Bishop Arts District

The Best Thing About Bishop Arts District

The Bishop Arts District(↗) is known as Dallas’ most independent neighborhood. This diverse area of North Oak Cliff is home to independent boutiques, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and more. Just a short drive through Bishop Arts and you’ll immediately notice the colorful storefronts and unique doors. 

As window and door specialists, we love seeing the variety of doors used in this small neighborhood. What’s the trend in Bishop Arts? Glass! Take a stroll through the neighborhood and you’ll see lots of french doors with glass, some with grids, and lots in color. Even newer shops in Bishop Arts District have french glass doors that are common in commercial buildings but you’ll also start to see more folding glass doors and other unique gems. 

The trend toward folding glass doors in this neighborhood is no surprise because Bishop Arts is a lively neighborhood. Folding doors blend interior and exterior spaces creating the illusion of a larger space, they also make for smoother transitions from one space to another and generally look very glamorous making them perfect for shops and restaurants.

Map of Bishop Arts District with some shops labeled.

Take a look at the doors we spotted below:

Click the photos to go to the shop’s website (links open in new tab).

W. Davis St.


Outside view of Cretia's Eatery & Bake Shoppe in Bishop Arts District.

Speaking of folding doors, Cretia’s has a great example of a moving glass wall. The ten-panel door makes up the majority of the storefront and is paired with an outdoor bar. You’ll notice similar features on some of the other shops in the neighborhood, new and old.

Neighborhood Cellar

Outside view of Neighborhood Cellar in Bishop Arts District.

Stock & Barrel

Outside view of Stock & Barrel with decorative steel front door, located in Bishop Arts District.

Once one of the busiest streets in Dallas(↗), Davis Street still welcomes many of Bishop Arts’ visitors. Shops like Neighborhood Cellar and Stock & Barrel stand out with bold storefronts and unique doors, different from many of the colorful doors that mark the heart of Bishop Arts District. 

N. Bishop Ave.

Home on Bishop

Home on Bishop storefront with bright yellow french doors, located in Bishop Arts District.

Bishop Arts District is a fun and colorful neighborhood, you’ll notice that first on W. Davis St. but even more so on N. Bishop Ave. 

One of the first shops you’ll see is Home on Bishop with its bright yellow wood french doors. If you don’t notice that you can’t miss the Bishop Street Market on the corner of N. Bishop Ave. and W. 7th St. 

Bishop Street Market

Bishop Street Market storefront on corner location in Bishop Arts District.


Epiphany storefront with pale green and black color scheme, located in Bishop Arts District.

On the same block as Bishop Arts Market, you’ll find lots of shops with similar classic style storefronts––big picture windows perfect for enticing window shoppers and glass french doors for easy access and a warm welcome. Each store distinguishes itself by customizing the colors of its storefront.


White and blue storefront at Neighborhood, a store located in Bishop Arts District.

Revelers Hall

Mosaic Maker’s Collective

Bright green french glass doors at Mosaic Maker's Collective in Bishop Arts District.

Eno’s Pizza Tavern

Restaurant storefront with built-in tables and benches, located in Bishop Arts District.

Outdoor seating, unique doors, and tiled storefronts also standout in the crowded shopping district. 

Ellison Valencia Gallery

Ellison Valencia Gallery storefront with black french doors, located in Bishop Arts District.

Clear glass, bright lighting, and unobstructed views to the interior of this gallery invite visitors to step inside or admire the work from outside. 

Espumoso Caffe

Yellow door entrance to Espumoso Cafe in Bishop Arts District.

Among all the brick, colorful doors, glass, and grids, you’ll also spot lots of half-round windows. The shop owners make use of every spot to add a touch of color and design. There are so many stores, you’ll spot something new every time you visit. 

Veracruz Cafe

Blue arched french doors on entrance to Veracruz Cafe in Bishop Arts District.

MELT Ice Creams

Colorful yellow, red, and white storefront at MELT icecream shop in Bishop Arts District.

Society by Jackson Vaughn

Society storefront in Bishop Arts District.


Harkensback storefront with large folding doors, located in Bishop Arts District.

Harkensback is another fun shop in the neighborhood, it’s on a corner location with a huge folding door entrance that’s completely covered overhead so it’s always in use. No one else has an entrance like this. 

Good Companions

Good Companions store in renovated craftsman style house with black doors and windows, located in Bishop Arts District.

Good Companions is located in a craftsman style house with beautiful black windows and doors. Also located on a corner, this cafe has a beautiful exterior aesthetic and an even more beautiful interior. There’s lots of seating and lots of light, you’ll feel super comfortable in this little house turned cafe. 


Macellaio restaurant storefront with covered outdoor seating area located in Bishop Arts District.

Once you cross W. 8th St. on Bishop you’ll notice lots of the newer shops in the area. These contemporary restaurants and boutiques carry over similar aesthetics as the other shops but they’re missing the type of character that’s only acquired after years of chipping and repainting. The shops on this strip are definitely designed for visitors to sit down and relax. 

Tribal All Day Cafe

Storefront for new shop in Bishop Arts District. 

Azucar Ice Cream

Storefront for Azucar Ice Cream shop in Bishop Arts District. Close up of pink ice cream scoop door handles.

While you’re in the area, you’ll have to stop by Azucar Ice Cream. If the ice cream scoop door handles aren’t enough to draw you in they also have a 4.9-star rating from Google reviews and they bring a little taste of Miami’s Little Havana to Dallas(↗). 

La Reunion Cafe & Bar

La Reunion cafe in Bishop Arts District has a brick storefront with black windows and doors including a folding door.

La Reunion is one of the newest additions to Bishop Arts District. According to Tierney Plum from Eater(↗), La Reunion is also home to the holy grail of espresso machines and has custom couches. It sounds like the perfect place for caffeine enthusiasts and those of us who appreciate a great place to sit, read, and enjoy a nice treat. This coffee shop also has a beautiful folding glass wall that opens to a spacious outdoor seating area.

Jeremiah Jo

Jeremiah Jo storefront with decorative bicycle and bench out front, located in Bishop Arts District.

Magic Hour

Magic Hour shop in Bishop Arts District with clad pine wood door.

Magic Hour’s french doors match the dark exterior of the other shops and restaurants in this building but the interior is a beautiful light pine that complements the soft and light color interior of the boutique. 

W. 7th St.


Dog door handle on Oddfellows' entry door in Bishop Arts District.

The only real quirky thing about Oddfellows is the door handle, it’s a dog! Aside from that, Oddfellows is a Bishop Arts brunch favorite with a classic storefront and a delicious menu.

There are so many more great shops with great storefronts and fun doors that we haven’t covered in this post. It’s best to take a walk through the neighborhood and experience it yourself. You’ll notice things and find shops we haven’t mentioned in this post––there is lots to see and Bishop Arts District is always evolving. Make some time for a visit this weekend, I’m sure you won’t regret it.


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