Window Replacement Trends for Rental Properties

Window Replacement Trends for Rental Properties

Are you planning to replace windows in your rental property? 

The type of windows and accompanying installation practices change as the years go by. There are many factors that affect window trends:

  • The changing styles in architecture
  • New standards of energy efficiency
  • Consumer aesthetic preferences that come and go
  • Technological advances in window design and production

As you can see, there are many variables affecting window replacement trends. In this article, McCaw PM explores the major movements in the window replacement industry. You'll get an overview of the most important trends to pick suitable replacement windows for your rental property.

Trend #1: Single Pane Aluminum Windows Are Out


Aluminum single-paned windows are getting replaced with newer systems. Older aluminum windows are less energy-efficient compared to more modern solutions. The single-pane glazing and heat-transferring frames make them less energy-conscious.

There are more downsides to having aluminum window systems in your rental property. The windows with aluminum frames easily create condensation. When this is coupled with inadequate ventilation, mold growth could start to take place on and around the windows.

If your property has single-pane aluminum windows upgrade them to modern aluminum windows with a thermal break barrier and low-E glass for energy-efficiency. Vinyl windows are also a popular alternative although windows made from other composite materials like Fibrex® or fiberglass may offer more long-term value.

Trend #2: Bright and modern style


Recently we’ve seen the growing popularity of sleek and bright styles. This trend is continuing with no end in sight. Renters love casement windows and similar options because these windows add more light to the rooms and they’re easy to operate.

The brightness gets reflected in color choices too. Classic white, evergreen, and soft beige are popular colors for replacement windows in homes and rental properties however, some landlords and renters prefer contemporary black window details. These create a stunning contrast between dark frames and an abundance of natural light.

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Trend #3: Eco-friendly design


Eco-friendly is a term that can be understood in many ways. The environmentally conscious approach reflects production processes and energy efficiency offered to tenants. 

Here are some of the most energy-efficient options for replacement windows:

  • Double glazed windows. This type of window is even more efficient than single glazed windows and more affordable than triple glazed. Properties in areas with extreme winters may benefit more from triple glazed windows but in moderate climates double glazed windows offer the best value.
  • Fiberglass framing. It's a long-lasting option as you can repaint it many times. The material is durable and doesn't bend or warp easily. Fiberglass windows are also the most sustainable and most durable option available on the market.
  • Low E glass windows. Upscale eco-friendly windows are nowadays low E glass type. These windows come with a layer of metallic alloys. These protect your home from harmful UV rays.
    There are many benefits. For example, furniture positioned close to the window won't acquire fade as quickly. And your tenants will get better sleep at night because the low E glass windows limit the amount of light entering the room.

Insider Tip: Buying windows in bulk

Do you have more than one rental unit? Landlords and property investors with multiple rental properties prefer to buy windows in bulk. This is a growing trend because it gives buyers a major financial advantage.

You are able to negotiate considerable discounts if you buy all your windows from the same seller. That's why it pays to schedule the replacement of windows in multiple properties in the same time period.

The bottom line: window replacement trends for rental properties


Window replacement trends come and go. Changing consumer trends, emerging technologies, and energy efficiency standards contribute to shifting trends.

If you are considering replacing the windows in your properties here are some trends to keep in mind: 

  • Tenants value energy-efficiency so get rid of the old aluminum windows
  • Tenants are loving dark windows, consider black windows as an option
  • Tenants appreciate eco-friendly design choose products that are sustainably made and allow tenants to reduce energy consumption

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