Andersen 100 Series Fibrex 3 x 6 Single Hung Window Pricing

Andersen 100 Series Fibrex 3 x 6 Single Hung Window Pricing

Thanks for tuning in. Today I'm going to price a 100 Series single a window from Andersen. That's their Fibrex line. And I will walk you through the choices that we make and how we arrive at that price. It should take five or six minutes.

First thing that we start with is size. Again, we're going to start with the standard 3060 window. So that's 36x72. From there we select the color. We are going to build a black window, black on the outside, black on the inside as black has become a very popular color. And we received a lot of requests from builders, architects, developers, and homeowners wanting to upgrade or change the look of their home.

With the 100 Series, we're going to decide to use the metal slimline lock. There are lots of different types of locks and hardware for windows. And that's definitely another video, another conversation. But just know for this-- for the purpose of this video, we're going to select the slimline. It's the most contemporary-looking lock. And we're going to choose black. That way, it doesn't clash with the black frame. We want them to match. So that selection has been made.

We are also going to build this window with no grid. So it's the most economical way to build the window. Once you add grids, whether it's colonial, fractional, prairie, internal, STL, full-divided light, it changes the price. And it can change it pretty drastically. But we'll build more windows in the future. Some of them will include grids for pricing.

So moving forward with this product, this price point no grids. We chose black as our exterior color. And, again, for us, we're always going to choose the SmartSun glass. I say that you should never say always in a video, right? That we'll come back to bite you. It always depends on what someone's looking for. What are you looking for?

If you want the best glass, if you want an OK glass package or if you want to save some money by lowering the glass package, you can do all of those things. And we're here to help you buy, not sell you something. So if you don't want the gold standard glass package, you don't have to have it. For this purpose, we're using it.

SmartSun glass-- it is-- their glass package is made by Cardinal Low-E 366 with argon. It will get you-- it will make your windows Energy Star rated. Meaning that in Texas, in our zone, there's an Energy Star V6 or version 6. The SmartSun glass package will make sure that the windows in your home meet or exceed that Energy Star label, that rating, right? So it's a good glass package to put in your home.

OK so we've done it, right? That was quick. We built a 3060 100 Series black-on-black window, single hung, which means the bottom raises up, the top pieces fixed, no grids, slimline lock. We didn't do any upgrades, nothing fancy.

The price of this window is $750. It does not include installation. It does not include tax. And that's as of May 25, 2021, subject to change. The industry right now is evolving at a rapid pace. But today you can expect to spend $750 for this window.

Now if you had grids, if you change the hardware, you change the size, the price will change. But I hope this helps you. I know buying windows can be a bit overwhelming. I know a lot of times there's a lot of communication and back and forth to get pricing. Our goal is to give you information and get pricing in your hands in a way that's digestible and easy.

So thanks for watching. Stay tuned. Oh, in this video down below in the comments, there's a link to this actual product description that you can go and build yourself. You won't be able to see the pricing. I've done the pricing behind the scenes. But if you want to go and look at the specs for this window, they're available.

Thanks for watching.

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