Andersen E Series 8080 Gliding Patio Door Pricing Dallas-TX

Andersen E Series 8080 Gliding Patio Door Pricing Dallas-TX

Welcome. Today I'm going to price an E Series patio door from Andersen. I chose the E Series product line because it's the most flexible. It has a ton of different color options, interior woods species, hardware options. Pretty much, if you can think of it or dream it, the E Series can build it.

We're going to walk through the product options, and at the end, I'll give you a price. It should take five or six minutes. We're going to start with size. So we're going to do a two-panel, 8-foot-wide by 8-foot-tall patio door. And for our panel style, we're going to use the contemporary frame profile, which is a bit narrower on the bottom, the sides, and the top, opposed to a traditional patio door that might have a taller bottom and top.

Our interior finish-- we're actually going to use a vertical grain Douglas fir. It has a really tight pattern. It's kind of reddish blonde, and it just looks really good. A lot of homes right now are using a white or a soft white interior, and the vertical grain really has a nice contrast to that white gallery style look.

For our hardware, we're going to choose Newbury satin nickel. Satin nickel is a pretty flexible hardware option. Obviously, they have other options-- oil-rubbed bronze, antique brass, chrome. For me, though, I'm just a big fan of the satin nickel. On this door, we are not going to implement blinds. Blinds between the glass can be a good idea. Just for the purposes of pricing this product, I'm going to leave those off, and we'll talk about those later.

Grilles-- it's not very common to have a patio door on the front of your home, unless you're in Louisiana. They love their front porches, their shotgun homes, big patio doors-- perfectly fine, beautiful look. In that setting, I would say grids make a lot of sense. However, right now what we're seeing, especially across North Texas, is builders are building homes with patio doors on the back, and they're not doing any grids.

And the same thing even with retrofit or replacement patio doors-- a lot of times, those doors are on the back or side, so I would-- and not just me, but a lot of homeowners are opting for no grids. I think there's a few reasons. One, it's a bit cleaner of a look. You get that unobstructed view of either a pool, or a play gym for your kids-- or in today's climate, a vegetable garden-- where the grids are going to muddy that water just a little bit and reduce that visibility.

Now, grids do help the efficiency of a window, because there's just more material blocking the sun. So it's something to consider. The other side of that too is that grids are more expensive. So you may spend an extra $1,000, $2,000 to have grids, when you could save that money and put it somewhere else into the home. So that's a bit of a tangent, but for this demonstration, we're not going to price the door with any grids.

Our exterior color is actually going to be spearmint. The reason we're choosing spearmint is I recently worked with a contractor in Kessler Park outside of Dallas, and they were reviving a Spanish style home, and they chose spearmint windows and doors. So that color's kind of fresh in my mind, so I just wanted to show you their spearmint color option.

Now, the E Series has a lot of flexibility, lots of colors-- I think more than 50 colors in an exterior finish-- aluminum. They also offer an anodized aluminum finish. There will be a separate video for this down the road, but if you think of anodized aluminum almost like the way you would stained wood-- so you would apply a finish, and then that finish would actually seep into the product.

So it's not just a top-level coating, or like an enamel coating. It's actually-- I don't want to say all the way through, but it's embedded in the material. So an anodized finished is really popular for high-traffic areas, light commercial areas, or really high-end residential homes. For this purpose, this price point, we're just going to do the traditional aluminum cladding-- in spearmint.

We're going to avoid trim, because a lot of times, trim is dictated by your architect or your builder. Or if you're replacing, you're just going to match what you have today, unless you're going through a full-blown renovation. So we're going to leave trim off. We'll leave that up to the guys in the field.

And just a note on trim-- you can always order trim from a manufacturer or vendor, but you can also get that same material usually milled locally at a lumber store. You could even think big box-- Home Depot, Lowe's. They'll have some trim options. So just talk to your builder, your architect, or whoever you're going through your remodel-- to just understand where's the trim going to come from and what those profiles are going to do for your property.

So moving forward, OK, so we're going to choose the SmartSun glass package. Like our other videos, we recommend SmartSun as the gold standard. You should at least be doing SmartSun glass in your home. So we're going to use SmartSun glass, and then we're going to move on.

OK, we built our door-- not sure how long that took, but here we are. So we have an 8080 door, contemporary panel styles, vertical grain Douglas fir, low E SmartSun glass, satin nickel hardware, no blinds, no grilles. That door cost you $6,500 so that doesn't include any discounts, or promotions, or anything that somebody might be having a sale on, or a promotion on.

That's just the door. That's not tax. That's not installation. So I hope that that was helpful. Buying patio doors-- it's not challenging. You just kind of need to know what you want. If you know what you want, you can get a price. You can get a price quickly, and really understand the benefits of that door. I hope that this video helped you understand what you want and how to decide what you want out of a door. And if you want to buy it from us, we'll sell it to you. Thanks for watching.

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