Andersen A Series 3 x 6 Casement Window Pricing

Andersen A Series 3 x 6 Casement Window Pricing

Today we're going to price an A-Series casement window from Andersen. We have a lot of requests from builders, architects, and homeowners, so we are actually going to walk through the options that you have to choose, as well as give you a list price from the vendor. So, we're just going to jump right in.

The A-Series sizing is available in quarter-inch increments. So what we're choosing here is actual net frame size, not rough opening. Rough opening is a little bit larger than the frame, so that's why you'll see these quarter-inch measurements here. Nothing to worry too much about.

So we're going to take a standard size window. In Texas, the average sized window is around 108 inches, so we're going to go with 36 wide by 72 tall. And we're going to select an interior option. So, whenever you are choosing a wood window, it makes sense to leave the wood unfinished. So you don't want to paint it or prime it, usually. If you do, that's fine. But a lot of folks that buy wood windows, they want to see the grain.

So. The choice we're going to make, the selection we're going to make is unfinished pine. You'll see that right here. And our interior view shows pine.

In addition to the species, we're also going to leave it unfinished. So we're going to make that selection here. Andersen does offer painted options. If you are going to paint your wood window, we recommend having the vendor paint it. It's like buying a car. You'd rather have the manufacturer paint it than take it to Billy's Auto. The same principle applies.

For us, we're going to make the selection for contemporary folding hardware instead of traditional. Simply a design preference. It's the same choice you'll have to make. We're also going to decide to choose satin nickel for the finish. Those options have been selected.

Ah, grills, grids, buttons, bars, little divider things. Lots of names. It's really dependent upon your style whether or not you select grids. The thing to know about grids is that there's a few different types of grids and they range in price. So that will be a video that we'll do another day, but for the simplicity of this video, we're simply going to price with no grids. It's the least expensive option and it's what we see a lot of kind of across the Metroplex. Folks are taking grids out of the window to give them a clearer view of the backyard pool, play gym for their kiddos, or even out front.

So, now-- Oh. We work with a lot of builders, and a lot of builders are developing new neighborhoods in Colleyville and Southlake and different parts of DFW. A lot of those new HOAs require grids, so if you're building or you're looking at buying a lot, make sure you have a firm grasp on what's required.

Moving on. Color. The A-Series comes in a handful of options. We've decided on sand tone because it's fairly common. Sand tone, it's not tan, it's not almond, it's kind of clay. Very flexible color. One that we see a lot.

Moving on. For purposes of this video, we are going to exclude trim profiles. Trim profiles deal with the exterior of the window and how it is inset to your brick. Or if you're doing stucco, or if you're doing a siding, cladding, those decisions are made downstream with your builder, architect. Or if you're remodeling, most often you're going to replace like kind. And so, Andersen has a set of profiles that may not align with what you have today, so another discussion for another time.

Ah, glass. If you're replacing windows, it may be because you want windows that are more efficient than your current units. The glass is the main reason windows are efficient. Or, they're more efficient today than they were when they were installed in your home. The SmartSun Glass package from Andersen that we have selected, it's kind of the gold standard. If you're going to put windows in, it probably makes sense to do at least the SmartSun Glass or better. Lots more on that topic, but that's for another time.

OK. In Andersen's system, we have built an A-Series casement window. A standard size, roughly 36, or 3 feet, by 72 inches-- six feet. No grids, sand tone exterior, pine interior, unfinished, gold-standard glass, contemporary hardware, satin nickel. The summary of this product-- this actual one that we built-- is available in the comments below.

Let's see what it cost. Oh, you can't see this, but I can. For you this says "where to buy" or "get a quote." But I've already done the work for you. I've quoted it. The list price for this window is $1,200. It doesn't include tax or installation, and that price varies based on size. So a smaller window is going to be a little less, bigger window will be a little more. If you change some options-- the wood species, the interior finish, the grids, the grid style, trim-- all of that's going to change the price. But I want you to know before you get started that roughly you're looking at around $1,200 bucks for this window. I hope that this was helpful. Thanks for watching.

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