How much are Andersen gliding patio doors?

How much are Andersen gliding patio doors?


Welcome. I'm going to price an Andersen E Series patio door. I'm going to walk you through the design options, hardware options, sizing configurations, and provide you a price at the end. We're going to start off on Andersen's website at They have a great window and door design tool. So you can actually go in and design product specifications, and then they'll direct you to a dealer.

As a dealer, I've already priced the product that I'm going to walk through and build. And so at the end, we'll talk price. We'll start by building a patio door. And for this purpose, we're going to do a gliding patio door. And we're going to move down to the E Series, which is this guy right here. It's their most customizable.

Anytime we're working with a builder or an architect, or even a homeowner that's looking for something specific, we always start with the E Series because the answer is pretty much yes to everything. And then if we need to walk some things back, we might look at a different product. For this demonstration, though, we're going to go with the E Series.

And one of the common sizes is 6 feet wide by 8 inches tall. I say common. If you have a home and you're replacing an existing door, this size makes a lot of sense. Whenever homeowners are building new, the openings are typically larger. So you're going to look at probably an 8-foot-tall door, and you're probably going to go wider than 6 feet because when you're building new, the trend today is to get as much glass as possible. So we're seeing a lot of four-panel doors instead of two, and we're seeing them much bigger and taller.

So for what we're doing today, though, we're going to do a 6-foot-wide by 8-inch-tall door. And then I'm going to choose a contemporary style. It has a narrower style in rail, which just means the border around the glass is smaller. So the benefit to you is that you get more glass, more visibility. It doesn't impact structure. It doesn't impact efficiency. You're in a really good place using this contemporary style door.

Ah, color. So on the interior, I always like to use an unfinished wood to contrast with whatever's happening on the inside of the home. So if someone does to decide to buy a wood product and paint it or stain it, perfectly fine. It's your prerogative by all means. However, when I'm doing this or talking with someone, I'm always going to recommend that you leave the wood unpainted, possibly stained with a clear coat. So for this purpose, I'm going to choose an oak finish.

And then hardware-- I'm going to choose the Newbury and Satin Nickel. I think more than anything, it's just one that I like. It's pretty flexible. It has a lot of hardware finish options, some of Andersen's hardware doesn't have as many options, so that's one thing to consider whenever you're buying a patio door.

Oh, you know what? Whenever you're buying a patio door, don't pick out hardware first. So a lot of times, we're talking to somebody that wants a new door, and they say, hey, I'd like to use my existing hardware. Well, I don't know about the brand that you're looking at, but at Andersen, that's not an option. You're really going to be better served choosing hardware from Andersen and letting it come from the factory with that hardware.

Front doors-- if you're building a custom wood door, and you want to go pick out a nice piece of Emtek hardware, or if you want to do-- I don't hardware brands. I know Emtek. Front doors-- yes, go get your custom hardware. Patio doors, especially hinge patio doors, because of the way their locking system works, it's best suited-- you're best suited to not buy your hardware. Just choose a hardware from the vendor. Sorry for the tangent.

Moving forward, Satin Nickel hardware, Newbury style-- we are not going to put blinds between the glass for this product. Blinds between the glass might make sense for you. We've written some good content on blinds between the glass for patio doors. Things to consider are, what happens if the blinds break? Are you ready to replace an entire piece of door glass, which could cost you $1,500? So that's a consideration too.

In the design of your home, does it make more sense to do a bolt-on accessory, a drape, or one of those magnetic hanging bars with drapes? So just think through that. Because once you order blinds between the glass, you're kind of stuck with it. For what we're doing, no blinds between the glass.

OK. Grids-- we are going to pass on grids for pricing sake. Grids can increase the price quite a bit depending on the style, the number of grids, and the width of the grid on the door. Andersen has lots of options. So if you're so inclined, go check them out.

Exterior door color-- I'm going to show you some different colors. We're working on a project now where Pebble Tan has been selected by the architect to go with their trim, the facade, and the way that they're going to do the pavers out front of the house. So pebble tan is what we're going to use for this exterior. And let me blow this up. The best thing you can do with color is get a physical chip, color chip. So if you're looking to paint the exterior of your home or your building new, make sure you get that color chip and go check it against the brick, the paint, the masonry, even the pavers if you're doing a paver driveway. So just take your time. You don't want to have to change this or get this-- you don't want to get this wrong down the road because color matters a lot.

So moving forward, trim-- so the trim profile-- trim is challenging. So depending on whether you're replacing or you're building new, a lot of times, is going to determine how constrained your trim choices are. If you're replacing a door, you may or may not be able to add trim depending on how your door is inset and whether it's in brick, stucco, or wood. So we're going to price it without trim. Most job-site carpenters can add trim, so think about doing trim downstream.

Moving forward, our standard with Andersen is to always use the SmartSun glass. That's our level of comfort. That's going to be an Energy Star-rated glass package. Those are going to get you in-- your solar heat gain and your U value, those ranges are going to be in a good place, in a place where you can get a product permitted. There are some vendors out there that will provide you with glass that doesn't meet Energy Star code, that you can't even pass a permit with. The SmartSun glass from Andersen is not one of those. If you do SmartSun, you're in good shape. So this is where we'll stand on that choice.

So in summary, we have a 5-foot-wide by 6-foot-8-tall door, two panel, and it's going to glide. So from the outside, it's going to go left to right. We're doing an unfinished oak interior, SmartSun glass, Satin Nickel hardware. All of those choices add up to a $4,500 door. Now, $4,500 does not include installation. It doesn't include tax. And it's not always $4,500.

So there are a lot of choices that go into making this door that can raise or lower the price. So when I say $4,500, please take $4,500 as just for this door specifically with this configuration, it's $4,500. I'll add a link to the comments below that you can click on to go see this exact door. So if you want this exact one, $4,500 is your price right-- no doubt about it, no questions asked as of June 1, 2021 in the Dallas, Texas area. Things are changing in the industry. Supply chains are strained. Demand is at an all-time high. So I don't know what this video looks like in six months. But today, super confident $4,500 will get the door in your hands, no questions asked.

So thank you so much for watching. Our goal, or my goal, is to give you information, show you what something could cost, give you some options, and then let you decide what you want and how much you want to pay for it. The Andersen E Series is a great product. It's not the only product from Andersen. They do have some other options.

And then, of course, the window and door industry is large, so Andersen's not your only option. It's just an option that we feel comfortable with. We love our Andersen partners. We love the product. We love the finishes. Our builders and architects love it. Our homeowners are big fans of it. So that's what we're starting with today, but we'll have videos of more products priced down the road. So thank you again for watching. We hope to see you back soon.

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