Andersen 200 Series Replacement Window Review

Andersen 200 Series Replacement Window Review

Andersen’s 200 Series windows are made for individuals who want wood windows at an affordable price. While there are many material alternatives to choose from wood windows are still considered the gold standard by many in the building industry because of their strength, efficiency, and beauty. Wood windows are highly energy efficient and with features like cladding they can stay beautiful and durable longer. 

In this article we’ll go over the following features of Andersen’s 200 Series windows:

Construction and Durability

  • Materials
  • Construction
  • Sizes
  • Energy Efficiency

Style and Beauty

  • Styles
  • Grilles
  • Glass
  • Tilt Sash
  • Hardware
  • Colors

Value and Delivery

  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Lead-time


  • Wood windows with vinyl exteriors
    Andersen 200 series and 400 series corner cut.

Andersen’s 200 Series windows are made of wood-framed windows with vinyl cladding. The cladding is a covering that’s designed to protect another surface. In this case, Andersen uses a vinyl cladding to protect the exterior of the window from nature’s elements.

Factory finished wood windows can usually last a few years without requiring too much maintenance. Basic maintenance for a wood window requires an annual cleaning; eventually, wood windows need more care including refinishing or repainting.

Vinyl isn’t without maintenance but it is a very low maintenance material and only requires an annual wash that also gives homeowners an opportunity to inspect the window for any defects. Vinyl cladding protects the wood window from moisture, insects, rot, and warping. Vinyl also does not require refinishing or repainting like wood does but some vinyl windows are susceptible to discoloration especially if they get a lot of sun exposure.

Andersen’s vinyl exteriors are finished with Perma-Shield ® technology which is designed to prevent the need for painting and is resistant to peeling, blistering, flaking, and corrosion.


Andersen’s 200 Series windows can be used for new construction or in replacement projects.


Double-hung windows in this series are available up to 3’4” wide and 6’ high. Custom sizes are not available for this series.

Energy Efficiency

Three factors that affect the thermal performance of a window are the material of the frame, the glass, and the installation. With a good installation and the right glass package, Andersen 200 Series windows are usually able to meet ENERGY STAR requirements.

Not all windows meet ENERGY STAR’s requirements but the windows you choose for your home must at least meet your local code. The dealer or installer you choose to work with should be able to help you make an informed decision with this. 


The 200 Series offers three basic and very common window styles. This series carries double-hung, gliding (sliding), and picture windows.

Illustration of double-hung window Illustration of sliding or gliding window Illustration of picture window


Grilles are classic features that simulate the look of windows from the past. Windows used to be made of small individual panes of glass connected by muntins. Now windows are made in large single sheets of glass so grilles have replaced muntins.

Andersen offers grille patterns to match popular architectural styles as well as custom patterns. They also offer three options for grille styles:

Simulated Divided Light

  • This option is similar to the Full Divided Light with grilles on the exterior and interior sides of the window. The exterior grille is permanent and the interior grilles can be permanent or removable. There is no divider between the glass on this option.
    Andersen simulated divided light grilles

Removable Interior Grille

  • This grille is secured on the interior side of the window so you can remove it when you want to clean your full window.
    Andersen removable interior grilles

Finelight Grilles Between-the-Glass

  • This option places the grilles between the panes of glass making it easy to clean the exterior and interior sides of the window glass.
    Andersen finelight grilles between-the-glass


Choosing the right glass package is important because it affects the thermal performance of your window. With Andersen, there are several options most of which include coatings designed to reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that enters through your glass.

Andersen 200 Series windows glass options.

Tilt Sash

Andersen’s “Easy Tilt-to-Clean” option is available for the double-hung window of the 200 Series. Windows with a tilt sash allow for the window sash (the part of the window that holds the glass) to unlatch from the frame and fold down so the window glass can be cleaned from both sides without having to set outdoors.

Andersen 200 Series double-hung window with tilt sash


Andersen 200 series hardware finishes

Hardware options for this series’ windows are the Classic Hand Lift or Lock & Keeper. This Lift is available in White and Stone and the Lock & Keeper is available in Antique Brass, Black, Bright Brass, Gold Dust, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Stone, and White.

Andersen 200 Series hardware Andersen 200 Series lift

Exterior Colors

Andersen 200 Series exterior colors: white and sandtone

Interior Finishes

Andersen 200 Series interior white paint or pine



Wood windows are typically found on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price but Andersen’s entry-level wood window is priced at about the same range as their Fibrex composite window (100 Series) and just below the price of the 400 Series which is made of the same materials as the 200 Series but offers more variety.


Windows in the 200 Series are protected by Andersen’s Owner 2 Owner Limited Warranty.


Lead-time for 200 Series windows is about 4-6 weeks.

Hopefully this short review of the 200 Series window products gives you a good understanding of wood windows and the features of those in this series.  

If you are set on getting wood windows but have a tight budget for your project this could definitely be a good option for you. If you have more room in your budget you could also explore the Andersen 400 Series, Andersen A-Series, or Andersen E-Series.

Interested in pricing and getting a project started please reach out to us by phone or form. We are an Andersen window dealer in Dallas-Fort Worth and we provide full service to clients in our area. 

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