Spanish Style Windows | Give Your Windows a Spanish Flair

Spanish Style Windows | Give Your Windows a Spanish Flair

Spanish style windows can be seen in homes throughout the Southwest U.S., in cities from Santa Fe to San Antonio to right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This window style has developed through centuries of architectural evolution. From Roman to modern-day Revivalist themes, some design details from each of these eras have all contributed to the style we know and love today. Even if your home does not have the arched framing associated with Spanish style windows, there are still many ways to incorporate the style into your home.Four Main Components in Window Styling

Combined or as individual elements, four designs are overriding components in Spanish style windows. All but the first one can be easily instituted as an update to existing structures.

Arched framing around windows is sometimes unadorned, but wood molding or even ceramic tiles are embellishments to draw attention indoors. The dome shaping typically adds continuity with doorways and front veranda posts that connect with the sweep of arches. Sills and surrounds can be deep or narrow in both inner and outer construction.

Grillework for windows serves two purposes. Typically constructed from wrought iron, it is highly decorative for exteriors while adding another level of security. It can be elaborate with scrolls, ball castings and spear toppers or simpler in style with squared or rounded spindling and cross bars.

Frames can extend past the window edge in boxy shaping or lie flat against walls. Grilles can also be fitted directly to the glass portion indoors as a beautiful enhancement that won’t impede lighting. If you plan to add any type of grilles, be sure they can be removed quickly in the event of emergencies.

Shutters in solid wood or planking are also easy add-ons. They can be decorative only or actually close to protect from severe elements.

If you’re feeling bold, choose festive colors or select deeper muted hues for a more conservative look. As accents, exposed wrought iron hinging and other hardware in black or rust will provide the finishing touches.

Stained glass is among the most artful treatments you can apply to any window. While this is a bolder style statement, if placed effectively, it can be simply stunning. Elaborate traditional scenes, repeating stylized florals or modernized patterns will bring warmth to interior spaces. The cathedral look might be one you would want to implement on a landing or higher windows in great rooms.

Exuding warmth interspersed with bright colors, exteriors and interior spaces can range from the simple to the ornate. Spanish style windows are among the distinctive components that complement any variation in home design.


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