What are Non Opening Windows Called

What are Non Opening Windows Called

When selecting new windows for new constructions or replacements for your existing ones, you can easily get overwhelmed by the many choices in the market. Essentially, you have to choose the material or the glazing of the glass and other design features and consider the type of window opening that suits your house. A majority of the common windows in most buildings are designed to open up and let in some fresh air. So, what about the non opening windows? Read on as we get into more details about these types of windows.

What are Non Opening Windows Called?

Typically, non-opening windows are called fixed windows. These are the type of windows that do not open. You can still choose different types of fixed windows for your house, including:

  • Picture windows: Picture windows look like image frames, and they provide unobstructed views of the exterior. They are mostly preferred in a room that doesn't require ventilation since they provide some extra light. You can use them with windows that can open to have the best of both types in your house.
  • Transom windows: These windows are usually installed above a door, mostly with ornamental detailing or in a semi-circular manner. You can use them to revolutionize your front door area.
  • Circular windows: As the name suggests, these windows are circular, used to allow natural light into your house without taking too much space on your wall. They are also utilized in nautical-themed rooms.
  • Glass block windows: Glass block windows are ideal for areas that need privacy but still need some light to filter through. Depending on the degree of privacy you need, you can still get a translucent to transparent glass block.

Who Sells Non Opening Windows?

Unlike other common windows such as casement, double-hung, and single hung, you may not know where to get non-open windows. Lucky for you, just about all window brands sell a fixed or non opening window option. 

Should I get Non Opening Windows for My Home?

Yes, it's okay to have non-opening windows for your home. However, make sure you install these fixed windows in the right or recommended areas. You can have them installed in areas such as your bathroom and other locations where you only require some natural light. 

Since fixed windows have simple designs, they can easily blend into modern building styles. Non-opening windows will also offer you better energy savings↗ than other window types because they are permanently sealed. In addition, non-opening windows come at a lower price than other window styles.

Key Takeaway

If you've been wondering what non-opening windows are, now you have the correct answer. Any glass pane that has a frame that doesn't open is a fixed window. In areas where egress or ventilation isn't needed, you can install these fixed windows.


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