Everything You Need to Know About Sliding Glass Doors

Everything You Need to Know About Sliding Glass Doors

What are sliding glass doors?

Let's start with an overview of sliding glass doors. These posts will help you solidify the basics of patio doors and help you take the first steps in deciding the perfect sliding glass doors for your home.

What are the different types of sliding glass doors?

Patios have a few different options when it comes to the style and material used. These are a great place to start when looking to familiarize yourself with patio door options:

  • Aluminum vs Fiberglass Patio Doors: Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of aluminum and fiberglass patio doors. Some maintenance tips are also included in this post.
  • Bifold Patio Doors FAQ: This FAQ answers questions regarding bifold door maintenance, energy efficiency, and more.
  • Folding, French, or Sliding; Choosing an Exterior Patio Door: This post overviews the pros and cons between folding, french, and sliding doors. This includes reasons to consider upgrading, their features, and what to consider.
  • Sliding Doors vs Pivot Doors: Sliding doors and pivot doors work differently but are both available for exterior entry applications. This post goes over how each of these styles work, their pros and cons, and additional considerations. 

Sliding door reviews and comparisons

Review reviews and comparisons from trusted sources are valuable when searching for the perfect sliding glass doors for your home.

With over 40 years of experience in providing outstanding exterior remolding services for Texans, we've compiled some reviews of products to share our knowledge. 




Understanding the maintenance of patio doors can help you determine if they're a good option and what material will best suit your needs. Here are some reference points for patio door maintenance:

Replacing patio doors

If your frame is still in good condition, looking at replacement options is a good solution. The following posts will help you determine if you should replace your patio doors and your options.

Pricing: How much are sliding glass doors?

Although pricing will vary greatly depending on the home and situation, it can be helpful to get even a broad ballpark range. 

All about doggy doors

Dog doors can be a great convenience for homeowners and their furry friends. Here are some resources to learn more about doggy doors:

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